Just one woman

Just one woman walking slowly, looking this way and that, forever deciding. Maybe this is better, or maybe that is. Is there a right path? Or are all journeys appropriate because they were chosen, wisely or not? One foot in front of the other, still in the box pretending to see, over the river and under the bridge, hoping to find the next miracle behind a tree. Need glasses to see but nothing is seen. Just walking to somewhere because somewhere is better than nowhere. Suitcase in hand just in case the door opens and beckons . . . hey, I’ve been waiting for you. Come on in, pilgrim. Here’s a warm fire to melt the ice in your bones, a comfy chair to take away your world-weariness, a blanket to keep you safe from the elements. All you have to do is seek and believe. That’s all, traveler, that’s all.

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