Yeah, so I walked up the mountain road, straight up into the sky, going home after a day of hanging out on the beach with friends. Yeah, so I was 16 and the world was mine and I could do anything because I was young and didn’t know any better. I held my spirit in my hands and didn’t know it, and through the years I let it fade away into a hidden place that I have yet to find. How is that we get to be wrinkled and flabby and not know who we really are? I miss those days of walking for miles through forests, over bridges, and along winding roads. I miss the way I didn’t know what was ahead of me, only what was in front of me. I find myself now locked in a box that continues to be hard to leave. It’s safe in my box but it hurts too. What happened to that fearless 16-year-old? I miss the days of my youth. I look to find my way back, as far as I can go in the body and mind that is now mine, carved by the people I’ve met, the situations I’ve created for myself, and the vagaries of life in general. Yeah, so my long brown hair trailed down my back and my skin was fresh and I walked forever in a quiet, safe world that no longer exists.

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