the soft padding of a wolf’s paws on the forest floor

the trill of a morning cardinal calling family

the voice of an afternoon breeze tickling the falling leaves

the cry of a toddler wanting mama NOW

the frantic mewl of an abandoned kitten

the thunder of an angry sky bent on beating up the earth

the roar of a lion echoing across the silent plain

the tumbling of cold creek waters swirling around washed-over rocks

the crunch of a lizard’s feet running across dead dried leaves

the knock on the door by the FedEx man delivering an anticipated package

the booming bass bellow of car crawling past the window

the swoosh of a hawk gliding past you in the backyard

the bark bark bark of a dog calling for someone who isn’t coming

the tick tock of a clock counting down the hours of your life


are you listening?


are you?


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