i walked until my shoes were dead

a prayer crawling through my heart

a prayer for redemption

forgive me, father, for i have sinned

    keep walking, little girl

    there’s no forgiveness here

    sinners belong in the mud they create

    keep walking, fallen one

i see no end to the road i travel

i’m tired and my breath is broken

take me for what i am

i can’t be you, oh father

i have lived a life beyond your borders

i have sung, danced, yelled with abandon

but now i am blind and sore

take me home, oh father, sinner that i am

i have your blood, your heartbeat

i am yours, all yours

whether you like it or not

i have walked far and away from you

but now i am coming home

forgive me, father, for i have sinned

but i am yours, i have your blood

you created me

you gave me life

so open the door and let me in

let your child walk inside

and know your forgiveness


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