So long ago

Grains of sands in my hands

sift through my fingers

to pour back onto the beach

from whence they came

He speaks and I realize

that I am no longer home

the daydream broken

The walls that I knew so well

are left alone in my little town

with the faces my eyes once touched

living smiling crying

in the space where they breathe

and I am but a shadow

I am two years gone now

and only through the fragility

of letters and memories

can I still walk where once I walked

He goes on talking of things

that pass quietly through my listening

He comes from Oregon

and studied marine biology

and he speaks of things he loves

Now he holds in his weathered hands

shattered shells that once lived

and he wonders at their beauty

and their seawaves journey

I stand beside him

with sands clinging to my hands

and wonder at his beauty

and his way of being

so far from my own

and yet we walk together

as friends and lovers

both of us far from where

we drew our first breaths

now traveling on a united path

that will hopefully

be stronger than sifting sands

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