On a Sunday

The hawk came today

causing a ruckus

in the small bird world

He sat on a high branch

like a king surveying his land

ignoring the frantic little birds

dancing over his head

The desperate cries

drove me from my little house

to find out what was going on

Yesterday there were high-pitched

little bird cries too

but i didn’t investigate until later

Yesterday i found nesting materials

on my potted plant

there was nothing in the nest

to indicate babies or eggs

had lived there

just dead leaves and fronds

from sprouting plant leftovers

all intricately intertwined

Did you take what wasn’t yours?

Who are you, hawk,

and what are you looking for?

the squirrel who got away

last month and survived?

His body sported puncture wounds

from big claws but he lived

It’s all quiet now

that you have flown away

you are beautiful

but deadly

like so much in this world

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